MOON Token

Since I promised a MOON update and that has not happened yet, here is some info on what we plan to do with the token.

After TTN launch we will have a basic trust profile and will need to
build a comment and voting system, so we will be creating a small
project running on MOON that will let us test and validate voting and
comment code that will be used for TTN.

This project will let us test the ideas we have and find problems before they make it in to TTN comment and voting system.

So what will this project be?

MOON will have a promotion page for tokens, there will be only 5
spots for which projects must compete, tokens can choose to be promoted
on the page by their creators or general public by supporting them with
MOON Claimable Balances. 5 tokens with most MOON backing them will be
shown ordered by amount of MOON that supports them.

Claimable Balances will only be counted as long as they are locked.
So CB locked for 7 days will support the position of the token for 7
days and after that CB must be reclaimed and a new one created. This
will encourage active participation.

Next layer will be a voting system, where anyone in TTN will be able
to vote for the projects listed, voting is not done with voting power it
is done with TTN profile, so – one person is one vote, but all voters
must be in the trust network. We will be validating spam protection.

Positive votes help the project stay on top and negative votes reduce the time and weight of the supporting MOON CBs.

Final layer will bring in a commenting system and let TTN
participants leave comments on tokens. Moderation system will be tested

This project, which will be called “MOON Tokens” for now but I want
the community to name it,  will let us test and fine-tune all core
features of TTN before we begin projecting them into the real world, so
it will be a testing ground. But I think if we get the balance right –
it may become a way to increase awareness and promote new tokens on
Stellar, with the stellar community being able to express their opinions
and interact with the creator.

MOON will be used to show the token in the top 5 and also for voting on tokens.

Lessons learned here will help us get the voting and token rating for
TTN right and provide engaging community driven project for Stellar.
This will likely expand to a general token rating system, but it is too
early to say.